Colon Cancer: My Thoughts: My Analysis

My detailed review of my cancer related problems and remedies I discovered

My cancer related notes, comments, and references are contained within a attached separate document. This attached document contains information related only to me and my situation and condition and should not be followed by any other person. The information I am sharing; it follows, just another research knowledge tool that can or might add to you own knowledge as related to cancer personal care.

The linked pdf document Colon Cancer: My Thoughts: My Analysis (17 Jan. 2013) is my article, I wrote reflecting to my past experiences, related and applied just to me and my specific cancer and my specific issues I encountered; accordingly, researching each issue and creating my own action plan—for example, how to improve my daily life and resume activities that palliative cancer care had stopped or crippled. What I did and why I did it explained and with reference to my logic analysis foundations used; as a result, to make my daily life better by applying some cancer related research; on these facts, then extending that research to my benefit; as a result, I attempted to apply these cancer research topics to me and my cancer and anemia health condition.

If you have cancer, at no time; now; or some future time do I support or recommend using alternative health care: Stay with your normal medical Oncology doctor for your cancer care and testing results needed for analysis and do not use any non-prescription over-the-counter stuff someone, somewhere, told you about; but instead, using only foods available from the local grocery store or the sellers of real green tea products.


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