Biggest in the world: methanol facility

More Tacoma City methanol facilities arguments I have two thoughts: (1) First; a source of water exists already for a new methanol plant; and (2) Being the biggest might-just present the biggest community hazard potential? Absent any community hazards analysis reports created and published for community to read first. Proposed methanol plant for Port of […]

Legal courts consider what

You want to know what legal system is doing. Pay your money first! You can read the details after your pay your money to read what general government should already be providing to interested and effected persons of any Superior Court’s jurisdiction of people. Pierce County, Case information and scheduling, (Dec. 26 2015), You […]

Community Right To Know Lacking

What we don’t know right now What hazard is presented me and other people population by Liquid Natural Gas (“LNG”)2,5,6 facility located within Tacoma City (Municipal Corporation Port of Tacoma) Washington? We have the right to know what hazard is added into our community and presented risks As SARA Title III Community Right-to-know Act3 intent: […]

Be a information questioner

Think to ask, your knowledge depends upon the answers Lionel’s Manifesto: The 12 Rules of Critical Thinking1 And, do take notes because this is the basic concept of knowledge and forget one-step and you will revert back to one of the herd as presenters drag you along for their ride tomorrow. Who is faulted as […]

Why is news no longer newsworthy

News for sake of news reports is not really news What has happened to investigative reports done for local, regional, and national news stories presentations? Apparent to me: main stream media (“MSM”) has the following constraints, limits real news collection and reporting; for example, constraints: Working within established corporation MSM news collection budget restraints; Preferential […]

We have lists

Lists are created because? (1) As a reminder to do or remember something; (2) a listing of what I like or dislike; or (3) a list made by others that qualifies or un-qualifies a person where name is placed upon the list. Lists created for personal use are good but not for government use where […]