Cancer: Exercise: Overcome Limitations

Physical, Mental, health, and Strength Limitations with Cancer With many cancers the cancer patient has many obstacles to overcome to maintain a active life-style like they once had. For example: Cancer effects itself; pain or pain from surgery recovery; effects of cancer medications; after effects of surgery; and just to overcome the mental burden from […]

Colon Cancer: My Thoughts: My Analysis

My detailed review of my cancer related problems and remedies I discovered My cancer related notes, comments, and references are contained within a attached separate document. This attached document contains information related only to me and my situation and condition and should not be followed by any other person. The information I am sharing; it […]

Just a Book Review: Subject of Cancer

A cancer related multi-subject book worth reading @BOOK{b:ser2010, title={Anticancer, A New Way of Life, New Edition}, publisher={Viking Adult}, year={2009}, month=dec, author={David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD}, abstract={The New York Times and international bestseller-now updated with the latest research Anticancer has been a bestselling phenomenon since Viking first published it in fall 2008. Now, a new edition addresses […]