We’ve Got Wind But

Lots of electrical generating windmills exist, but are they good for local atmospheric environments after conversion of wind energy to electrical energy—wind to rotational mechanical energy exchange; thereafter, stripping the wind content of something? We know there exists a balance of atmospheric moisture content related to ground moisture content; it follows, wind has a contributing […]


Money Creating Stuff but Where’s the Future Maintenance Money?

Pierce County Washington State has a plan to provide $9 million dollars toward homeless—provide housing, shelter, education, reeducation, transportation services, and support groups—funding already allocated by Pierce Council. It’s a great emphasis effort to solve a difficult problem that many humans face after losses—money in hand, US dollars. I see a future problem: Missing is […]

Proctor District Taxes Missing but More City Support Services Necessary

City of Tacoma General Government will soon be required to provide more services—Police, Fire, Medical response, building inspection, fire inspection, complaint responses—to more new people living within the Proctor District; however, Taxes are deferred for these immediate and ongoing expenses; therefore, this is not fair to surrounding residential property owners that are not offered any […]