Book Burning Yesterday Internet Incinerate or Missing

History seems to repeat itself; for example, the destruction of printed and distributed ideas, thoughts, and foresight were destroyed by those people that were not open to arguments, discussions, or alternative thought. But today, we have a new media that replaces the printed book capable of being burnt to erase thought or discussions related to subjects those people empowered with the torch could burn and erase from mass of people putting eyes and thought upon.**

Today we have a new issue with information suppression, its no longer the printed book because publishers control what gets printed or not printed, but today it’s the world of the internet access and readability of information; as a result, the new book burning method applied in today’s world of information presented—information suppression or just banning such information from the public internet delivery of information to people—media social services, electronic publications, declared secret, proprietary, protected, misinformation, untrusted presenter, or something or someone you just don’t like—therefore; it’s exactly the same as book burning absent the flame of fire to erase the information that others might view and reflect upon.

**Boissoneault L. “A Brief History of Book Burning, from the Printing Press to Internet Archives.” Smithsonian Magazine, August 31, 2017, 2017.


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