Money Creating Stuff but Where’s the Future Maintenance Money?

Pierce County Washington State has a plan to provide $9 million dollars toward homeless—provide housing, shelter, education, reeducation, transportation services, and support groups—funding already allocated by Pierce Council. It’s a great emphasis effort to solve a difficult problem that many humans face after losses—money in hand, US dollars.

I see a future problem: Missing is the program(s) and real property maintenance and operation funding sources allocated; as a result, money directed to these specific programs and buildings necessary expense every year? Who’s got the money and who pays for maintainability into future years—people wages and the real property created?*

*Peterson J. “Pierce County Pledges to End Homelessness through Regional Office, $9 Million.” The News Tribune, 20 March 2022 2022, Sunday MARCH 20 2022, A, 1.

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