The BLI for Motorcycle Rider’s Right Hand

Learn to operate the motorcycle throttle twist and control front brake activation at the same time. The Brake Light Initiative (“BLI”) is a important rider control skill. See., The Brake Light Initiative- A Treatise on Motorcycle Control- Ride Craft: A treatise on bike control, from the author of The Pace., (last visited 29 Nov […]

Motorcycle: Stop it Upright: Every Time

A controlled stop always Remember, some simple rider riding process steps; as a result, just helps keep the bike upright while stopping: Look straight ahead while applying brakes towards desired stop point ahead; Keep the front wheel pointed straight ahead as brake(s) applied; If necessary, use your eyes wide-view peripheral vision ability to detect side […]

Bike Riding Vs Weather Decision

Knowing what to expect before and during a ride helps Just a Android Smart Phone application that helps with the decision process: Weather in the area and determination to ride the two-wheel vehicle: And you can set your own “Weather Preferences” for the determiner between bike and alternate transportation e.g., bus, car, or just stay […]