Proctor District Taxes Missing but More City Support Services Necessary

City of Tacoma General Government will soon be required to provide more services—Police, Fire, Medical response, building inspection, fire inspection, complaint responses—to more new people living within the Proctor District; however, Taxes are deferred for these immediate and ongoing expenses; therefore, this is not fair to surrounding residential property owners that are not offered any […]

Procedural: Wash. Natural Gas Industrialize

A great article that presents events chronology In Tacoma my and other people have a narrow focus about Community issues that potentially affect us with proposed new Port of Tacoma Natural Gas (methane gas) industries: 1) Natural Gas supply piping distribution system; 2) LNG Facility; and 3) the Methanol Facility. All three under consideration for […]

Methane process facts missing

Logical decisions need facts first We have some methane gas processing industries proposed for Tacoma Washington, Port of Tacoma, area. This industry is moving ahead with permits and construction planning, but still missing is stakeholders (community people’s) fact information published prior to requesting stakeholder’s comments about these projects. Tacoma stakeholders (the citizens) need more factual […]

Natural gas leaks are problems

What’s the problem with a natural gas leak? Natural Gas (“NG”)(methane gas) contained within a piping distribution systems is good. Broken or leaking NG distribution system pipes; it follows, is not so good. Well, consider this, maybe nothing wrong if the NG leaked is a small amount, but what if the NG leak is large […]

Economics and LNG plants good, say some

Some say LNG plant is good Supporting the Tacoma Port of Tacoma proposed new community Liquid Natural Gas ("LNG") project is the Chamber of Commerce, Fife Milton Edgewood. 1 Maybe the Chamber of Commerce knows what the community does not—hazards presented to my community lets review what Chamber of Commerce presented 1 for public support […]

Legal courts consider what

You want to know what legal system is doing. Pay your money first! You can read the details after your pay your money to read what general government should already be providing to interested and effected persons of any Superior Court’s jurisdiction of people. Pierce County, Case information and scheduling, (Dec. 26 2015), You […]

Community Right To Know Lacking

What we don’t know right now What hazard is presented me and other people population by Liquid Natural Gas (“LNG”)2,5,6 facility located within Tacoma City (Municipal Corporation Port of Tacoma) Washington? We have the right to know what hazard is added into our community and presented risks As SARA Title III Community Right-to-know Act3 intent: […]

Be a information questioner

Think to ask, your knowledge depends upon the answers Lionel’s Manifesto: The 12 Rules of Critical Thinking1 And, do take notes because this is the basic concept of knowledge and forget one-step and you will revert back to one of the herd as presenters drag you along for their ride tomorrow. Who is faulted as […]

Why is news no longer newsworthy

News for sake of news reports is not really news What has happened to investigative reports done for local, regional, and national news stories presentations? Apparent to me: main stream media (“MSM”) has the following constraints, limits real news collection and reporting; for example, constraints: Working within established corporation MSM news collection budget restraints; Preferential […]