Be a information questioner

Think to ask, your knowledge depends upon the answers

Lionel’s Manifesto: The 12 Rules of Critical Thinking1

And, do take notes because this is the basic concept of knowledge and forget one-step and you will revert back to one of the herd as presenters drag you along for their ride tomorrow.

Who is faulted as information fragments delivered

Considering the information presenters:

  • Family & friends;
  • Political communications;
  • Local, regional, state, and federal governments;
  • News media (newspapers, web pages, internet) main stream media (“MSM”);
  • Books and ads;
  • Historical writing;
  • Legal writing and decisions;
  • Religion beliefs; and
  • Education and training

The flood of broken information comes each day every day.

So we know: what we know: how we know it: simply by information presented. We should consider—think about information details presented—but absent asking pointed questions this presented information will remain nothing more than a statement of words-joined.

Information basic foundation

Always ask: (1) The reason the presenter is presenting; (2) Who are the receptive listeners; (3) The presented information is to elicit what effect from who; (4) What information is missing; (5) Who is doing what to whom for what resulting benefit to just who; and (6) Am I allowed to ask questions and receive logical answers in simple words; thus I will connect my questions with the missing parts of the presenters presentation

When you think you know, thought you have known, consider this: I don’t know at all; therefore, ask another question.

Works cited

(1) The Lebron firm (The Lebron Firm) (n.d.),!media/cbr3.

The right information, to the right people, at the right time, prevents the wrong results by the right people. J.E. Sherman


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