Why is news no longer newsworthy

News for sake of news reports is not really news

What has happened to investigative reports done for local, regional, and national news stories presentations?

Apparent to me: main stream media (“MSM”) has the following constraints, limits real news collection and reporting; for example, constraints:

  • Working within established corporation MSM news collection budget restraints;
  • Preferential news sources, from which to elicit what is called news:
    • Source will terminate your MSM ability to ask questions and get answers if person irritated by MSM asking the wrong questions and presenting the wrong facts discovery.
    • As news source declares what is secret that must not be disclosed for the public good or government security.
    • Like political thinking can always write better news together and throw it out as MSM real news;
  • Stories aligned with those that pay for MSM ads;
  • News surveys. Surveys that tell MSM what it’s readers really like or dislike about it’s news presented? Then ask the question again about what news they did provide absent comparison to alternative; and
  • Newsroom and editors preference to elicit some response from those readers.
News stories rejected by MSM just because
  • Liability resulting from story content published;
  • infringe on a personal right to privacy;
  • story is not complete. Unable to verify facts;
  • unreliable source for this news;
  • government threats for such story published; and
  • the political and business objectives of such story is counter to the strategy this specific MSM publisher has adopted to present to public.
News reported could be better, just how?

Maybe the entire MSM news reporting—collecting, editing, publishing—might be improved for readers everywhere if the major MSM businesses gathered their potential news stories from people that write. Not reporters at all. Not the writers as we now consider news reporters because news reports seem only a regurgitate or parrots what has been told to them by some official briefing held for the MSM news outlets.

What a real MSM news process would require

It’s really quite simple to get good and complete MSM news stories, if that was desired; it follows:

  1. A story with facts and citations present to all facts presented.
  2. An Editor. The Editor that will configure the story into readable words-joined test with correct grammar and punctuation.
  3. Now comes the MSM news delivery team that voices or prints this news story for public viewing appreciation.

That’s it. With a complete news story that will write well, and all the players named (name that dog), and with a readable result in print or other MSM presentation is what people desire (in my opinion).


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