Economics and LNG plants good, say some

Some say LNG plant is good

Supporting the Tacoma Port of Tacoma proposed new community Liquid Natural Gas ("LNG") project is the Chamber of Commerce, Fife Milton Edgewood. 1

Maybe the Chamber of Commerce knows what the community does not—hazards presented to my community

lets review what Chamber of Commerce presented 1 for public support of new LNG project benefit; e.g.,

The Tacoma LNG project will help ensure continued dependable service and additional benefits to all PSE natural gas customers. It will help ensure continued dependable natural gas service on the coldest days of the year. Having a stock of available LNG will also allow PSE to reduce its gas purchases at times of peak demand, reducing costs that would otherwise be passed on to consumers. Also, healthy growth of PSE’s commercial customer base helps spread PSE’s overhead costs across a broader customer base, lowering costs for existing natural gas customers.

The Tacoma LNG Facility will go through an extensive review and approval process with federal, state and local government agencies. Natural gas is a proven, safe source of energy that reduces reliance on foreign fuels. LNG is simply another form of the natural gas currently used in millions of homes and vehicles. PSE will develop and issue a supplemental environmental impact statement, obtain multiple permits and provide numerous opportunities for public comment. Some of the major agencies involved include: U.S. Coast Guard, Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington State Department of Ecology, Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission, Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, Pierce County, City of Tacoma, and the Port of Tacoma. More than 100 LNG production, storage and transport facilities currently operate in the US – including one that PSE has owned in Gig Harbor for more than a decade.

That presented, what did it say?

Not one word about any hazard of any type, not Community right-to-know Act study done, or what hazards to people if accident? All the health, safety, and community (people) informed about hazards introduced into their community and neighborhoods missing from this document.

Sounds like LNG produced use evolved?

This proposed LNG plant uses has evolved over time as now represented within The News Tribune article. 2

Now LNG for export use and the biggest LNG plant in the world. According to article.

Just thinking, I wonder

Did Lora Butterfield, Chamber of Commerce, realize the document, 2 as written, was lacking community right-to-know hazard information and just failed to write about hazards, or was the author not informed by the LNG plant’s supporters that there could be any community hazard to people? I wonder which?

What is Chamber of Commerce LNG position today?

Just maybe, they were not told, did not read, there have been LNG accidents already. 3

Now that would be an interesting document to read.

Works cited

(1) Lora Butterfield,(President/CEO) Support of LNG Project (pdf document) (Fife Milton Edgewood Chamber of Commerce), (Aug. 18, 2014) available at or

(2)Matt Driscoll: The time for a methanol debate in Tacoma is now, (thenewstribune Dec. 28, 2015), or

(3) JEFF BARNARD, Officials seek clues in natural gas facility blast, Local News (The Seattle Times Apr. 1, 2014),


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