My Scooter with Foot Rest Pegs is Good

A scooter with foot rest pegs is good because:

Pegs that allow the rider to stand on (raise up off the seat).

Pegs that allow the rider to shift weight from one peg to the other peg.

Pegs that allow the rider to unweight the seat and slide-off to the right or left.

Pegs that allow the rider to rise off the seat when riding road bumps.

Pegs that allow the rider to weight the inside turn scooter’s peg to assist with the turn and using the only inside or lower hand grip for total turn control.

Pegs that allow the rider, doing slow speed turns, to place weight on peg opposite the turn direction that counterbalances the lean of the scooter.

Pegs just allow the scooter rider to ride better.

Spring Time, It’s Scooter Weather

Scooter weather has arrived for Year 2013

Spring appears to have sprung here already; therefore, it is now good scooter riding weather, but still dress for the potential of accidental crash or meeting mother-pavement if the rubber side does not say down.

Ready to ride.
Ready to ride.

Me, riding my Yamaha ZUMA 50F (2012) fuel-injected, 4-cycle, water-cooled scooter.