Bike Riding Vs Weather Decision

Knowing what to expect before and during a ride helps Just a Android Smart Phone application that helps with the decision process: Weather in the area and determination to ride the two-wheel vehicle: And you can set your own “Weather Preferences” for the determiner between bike and alternate transportation e.g., bus, car, or just stay […]

Motorcycle: Falls Over: Why?

Just riding along slow It follows, slow speed riding a two-wheel motorcycle can be difficult; so, the bike wants to fall over and rest on its side. That is not the intent of keeping two-wheels down and bike under controlled riding at slow speed. There exists a number of great riding instruction articles available; for […]

Spring Time, It’s Scooter Weather

Scooter weather has arrived for Year 2013 Spring appears to have sprung here already; therefore, it is now good scooter riding weather, but still dress for the potential of accidental crash or meeting mother-pavement if the rubber side does not say down. Me, riding my Yamaha ZUMA 50F (2012) fuel-injected, 4-cycle, water-cooled scooter.