My Twice Daily Meal: Now

My twice daily meal, I will call it “Hog-Slop”

Facing the realty that Oncology Chemotherapy did not work then reading the book A cancer related multi-subject book worth reading and applying some logic presented within this book about anti-cancer food types; as a result, I took the information presented within the book one step farther—for example, if some single foods might be good for prevention of cancer; it follows, by combining many all at once might just work better. Thus my new word “Hog-Slop” as it relates to this twice day meal mix. The meal could be in a bowl, a burrito wrap, or in a bowl with other steamed vegetables added on top. Just reheat desired serving amount in microwave and continue to keep the unused mix refrigerated.

Not shown in photos of ingredients is the brown rice and black beans added as major ingredients.

What goes into the simmered hog-stop week mix
What goes into the simmered hog-slop week mix
The finished Hog-Stop mix ready for one week of meals.
The finished Hog-Slp mix ready for one week of twice daily meals.

My “Hog-slop” mix does taste better than the average person might think and to spice it up more before reheating meal amount in microwave: add a few more fresh cut up garlic cloves, sliced beets, more fresh red union bits, and some additional temeric spices with some more pepper (no salt).

The between meal snacks

Using some of the same Hog-Stop mix ingredients are also good for between meals snacks.

Between meal snacks.
Between meal snacks.

The making of hog-slop

Just a pdf document with a bit more information about making of hog-slop:

See t20131029a

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