U.S. Wealth Gap, A Solution

Within U.S. there exists wealth gap

The issue: how do we, as a U.S. Society, solve or reduce this wealth gap condition?

See, John Sherman, It’s Called “The Wealth Gap” It Exists: Just Why?, (pdf file: t20160120a) (Jan. 20, 2016) online at https://johnesherman.files.wordpress.com/2016/01/t20160120a.pdf (visited Jan. 20, 2016).

Intellectual property seems exempt from gap discussions, why?

Hence, the U.S. Policies should consider the wealth gap compared to U.S. Society values and the intellectual property (“IP”) rights. Is it good to gift people money under IP right while wealth gaps might just be getting larger?

Balanced against, IP rule rights. e.g.,

  • Patent rights;
  • Intellectual Property rights; and
  • Protectionism rights (U.S. and International).

Let’s start the review discussion

Whether, IP rights trump the U.S. Society wealth gap conditions we are aware of today, and most-likely with become larger tomorrow as money is extracted from wage earning U.S. Citizens to pay for the IP’s right to money absent work.


Published: Jan. 20, 2016: 12:10 PST

Which: people or government perfect society tomorrow?

Taxes, lists, fees, rules, and the license fixes

Solves what? How? Applied to who?The solution is achieved when what happens? As fixed; the question is: do the specific taxes, lists, fees, rules, and licenses (collectively, “obeyers”) get removed?

Applying obeyers upon people; as a result, do we really have improved people actions tomorrow. Don’t think so. I have not recognized the obeyers in action creating the desired society (people interactions) improvements yet, as we continue to add more obeyers rules everywhere.1,2,3,4,5

We have doctor rules,5 police rules,4 government’s people rules and the fees or taxes that solve the problem.1,2,3

I think this

People, the average person, absent obeyers; therefore, will revert to what is right and just for people when given the correct and information. We don’t need obeyers that create new rules and collect money (not for the common good tomorrow) today. Ever hear the government say “we just don’t have a solution, so you must solve this problem yourselves”.


(1) Wikipedia No fly list (Wikimedia Foundation 2015), https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_Fly_List

(2) Seattle ‘gun violence tax’ defeats NRA challenge in court ruling (RT International Dec. 24, 2015), http://bit.ly/1MxYl9e

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We the Tacoma pothole overseers responsibility

In City of Tacoma Washington, we City Citizens have a responsibility to keep-an-eye on our streets because City will not detect and fix street problems for us—we report problem to City first! Quite simple—we see a street problem or pothole it’s up to use to report it; as a result, get it added to the City schedule list of streets that require repair.

The City street repairs process is this:

“[B]ased upon our reporting requirements [to the City] and because we no longer proactively patch potholes, our field crews only patch the potholes found within the block of the original complaint [reported]. . . .” as described within a e-mail from Rae Bailey, PW Division Manager, Street Operations, City of Tacoma, to John E Sherman, Resident City of Tacoma. (Tacoma Citizens Support Center W034945-011515) (February 2, 2015, 2:18 PM PST) (copy on file with John E Sherman).

Therefore, let’s all help the City of Tacoma out with identification and location of all streets and roadways streets that require repairs or fixing.