Not more H2S into our wastewater influent!

Methanol: Tacoma stakeholder’s create the environmental focus

First of all, that does not sound logical; it follows, most people in Tacoma have little- to no-idea what hazards should environmental study consider (detailed hazard study subject): as environment issues are presented by community people—life, property, environment (land, air, and water), and secure safe community—regarding the methane to methanol process industry proposed for operation within Port of Tacoma Washington.

Secondly, Our Tacoma City Environmental Services Wastewater Utility [3] workers don’t seem to be considered when we argue the methane to methanol conversion process; yet if the methanol plant flow its effluent (process discharge used water) water into Wastewater Utility piping and treatment systems; as a result, this effluent water needs the same environmental review as all other hazards considered related to this project.

Tacoma wastewater hazards already

We’re not going to dump more hydrogen sulfide (“H2S”) liquids chemical waste into my Tacoma wastewater sewer system piping and treatment process; are we?

I am asking because sometimes methane is scrubbed with water

As a result, the scrubbed methane is cleaned by water to remove:

  • CO2
  • N2
  • H2S

In that case, these process effluent chemicals must be sent somewhere, and
could that somewhere be our Tacoma Wastewater Treatment Plant?

Nevertheless, these methane cleaning waters must be treated else just dumped into Puget Sound Commencement Bay.

Right now, our Tacoma Wastewater utility workers are exposed to bio-hazards today, the workers that are exposed to waste stream toxins flowing from homes, businesses, industry, and hospitals—including H2S, low oxygen (“O2″”) levels, and other health hazards[1,2]—each day as these people work with wastewater physical contact, pumping stations, and treatment plants, wet-wells, and influent waste streams, and removing the solids from waste stream (the rag rakes).

We stakeholders must surface the hazards first

The proposed Tacoma plant is currently in the beginning of its SEPA review process, lead by the City of Tacoma, which aims to determine its potential environmental impacts. This begins with a scoping period in order to identify the issues that will be focused on in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Scoping is also the first of several opportunities for public comment during the SEPA review. [4]

Therefore, I hope this helps give some Community right-to-know ideas e.g., what are the Tacoma community hazard(s) assessments that must be completed!

Works cited

[1] Albatanony, M A, and M K El-Shafie, Work-Related Health Effects among Wastewater Treatment Plants Workers, The International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2 (2011), 237–44 online at (visited Jan. 16, 2016).

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Published 1/16/2016

Cancer: Exercise: Overcome Limitations

Physical, Mental, health, and Strength Limitations with Cancer

With many cancers the cancer patient has many obstacles to overcome to maintain a active life-style like they once had. For example:

  • Cancer effects itself;
  • pain or pain from surgery recovery;
  • effects of cancer medications;
  • after effects of surgery; and
  • just to overcome the mental burden from cancer and not give up.

For me, I found that my ability for outside exercise became limited because I had to plan my walking routes to nearest restroom facility; it follows, to speed things up and still maintain my enjoyment with the outdoor; it follows, I was allowed to get a scooter that did two things: first, allowed me to travel outdoors faster than walking speed; and, second, a new activity to learn and practice during cancer.

Also, because of what it took me to learn the correct operation and skills for control of two-wheel scooters; as a result, I started a Google Plus, Community Blog, Two-wheel scooter transportation; it follows, if for nothing else but a written reference for me to remind me where information is located that I should re-study for safe operation of scooter in urban traffic. Also, not required but for the additional challenge, took the Washington State Motorcycle Endorsement written and riding test and passed. All this while undergoing my cancer chemotherapy treatments every two weeks and a couple of days more packing around a portable battery operated infusion pump.

Therefore, I think this: Cancer is a problem for you if you let cancer become a problem for you. Each day you have to attempt to do more and if possible something new that will hold your interest and efforts. I do understand in later stages of palliative cancer care physical effort is difficult to impossible . . . but till that time keep the effort up each day.

Scooter parked at store
Traveling about town on the scooter.

My Twice Daily Meal: Now

My twice daily meal, I will call it “Hog-Slop”

Facing the realty that Oncology Chemotherapy did not work then reading the book A cancer related multi-subject book worth reading and applying some logic presented within this book about anti-cancer food types; as a result, I took the information presented within the book one step farther—for example, if some single foods might be good for prevention of cancer; it follows, by combining many all at once might just work better. Thus my new word “Hog-Slop” as it relates to this twice day meal mix. The meal could be in a bowl, a burrito wrap, or in a bowl with other steamed vegetables added on top. Just reheat desired serving amount in microwave and continue to keep the unused mix refrigerated.

Not shown in photos of ingredients is the brown rice and black beans added as major ingredients.

What goes into the simmered hog-stop week mix
What goes into the simmered hog-slop week mix
The finished Hog-Stop mix ready for one week of meals.
The finished Hog-Slp mix ready for one week of twice daily meals.

My “Hog-slop” mix does taste better than the average person might think and to spice it up more before reheating meal amount in microwave: add a few more fresh cut up garlic cloves, sliced beets, more fresh red union bits, and some additional temeric spices with some more pepper (no salt).

The between meal snacks

Using some of the same Hog-Stop mix ingredients are also good for between meals snacks.

Between meal snacks.
Between meal snacks.

The making of hog-slop

Just a pdf document with a bit more information about making of hog-slop:

See t20131029a

Colon Cancer: My Thoughts: My Analysis

My detailed review of my cancer related problems and remedies I discovered

My cancer related notes, comments, and references are contained within a attached separate document. This attached document contains information related only to me and my situation and condition and should not be followed by any other person. The information I am sharing; it follows, just another research knowledge tool that can or might add to you own knowledge as related to cancer personal care.

The linked pdf document Colon Cancer: My Thoughts: My Analysis (17 Jan. 2013) is my article, I wrote reflecting to my past experiences, related and applied just to me and my specific cancer and my specific issues I encountered; accordingly, researching each issue and creating my own action plan—for example, how to improve my daily life and resume activities that palliative cancer care had stopped or crippled. What I did and why I did it explained and with reference to my logic analysis foundations used; as a result, to make my daily life better by applying some cancer related research; on these facts, then extending that research to my benefit; as a result, I attempted to apply these cancer research topics to me and my cancer and anemia health condition.

If you have cancer, at no time; now; or some future time do I support or recommend using alternative health care: Stay with your normal medical Oncology doctor for your cancer care and testing results needed for analysis and do not use any non-prescription over-the-counter stuff someone, somewhere, told you about; but instead, using only foods available from the local grocery store or the sellers of real green tea products.


Just a Book Review: Subject of Cancer

A cancer related multi-subject book worth reading

title={Anticancer, A New Way of Life, New Edition},
publisher={Viking Adult},
author={David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD},
abstract={The New York Times and international bestseller-now updated with the latest research Anticancer has been a bestselling phenomenon since Viking first published it in fall 2008. Now, a new edition addresses current developments in cancer research and offers more tips on how people living with cancer can fight it and how healthy people can prevent it. The new edition of Anticancer includes: * The latest research on anticancer foods, including new alternatives to sugar and cautions about some that are now on the market * New information about how vitamin D strengthens the immune system * Warnings about common food contaminants that have recently been proven to contribute to cancer progression * A new chapter on mind-body approaches to stress reduction, with recent studies that show how our reactions to stress can interfere with natural defenses and how friendships can support healing in ways never before understood * A groundbreaking study showing that lifestyle modification, as originally proposed in Anticancer, reduces mortality for breast cancer by an astounding 68 percent after completion of treatment * New supporting evidence for the entire Anticancer program},
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My opinion about this book

Just a good book to read; as a result, get insight into cancer—what cancer research has discovered, foods, exercise, mental approach, recommended foods that have what values observed benefit to what specific cancer types.


The Intresting Journey with Anemia and Cancer

The Beginning

As, most likely, many cancer patients have said before and will continue to say tomorrow; it follows, cancer does change ones’ life activities and priorities.

I have been under Oncology Center Doctors care through my entire anemia into cancer discover and care experiences. With the same Oncologist doctor has its advantages that both the doctor and I have traveled this health care road together.

Just a brief outline health history review for me

  1. Year 2011 discover I had anemia;
  2. Year 2011 discover I had colon cancer;
  3. Year 2011 surgery removed colon cancer;
  4. Late Year 2011 discovered cancer has moved to liver;
  5. Year 2012 surgery for removal of cancer from liver;
  6. Year 2012 surgical implant of power port (for infusion use);
  7. Year 2012 chemotherapy treatments with in-chair and portable home infusion pump every other week for twelve cycles;
  8. Year 2012 MRI testing showed that liver cancer had returned or that chemotherapy treatments did not stop the liver cancer; and
  9. Year 2013 What is my palliative cancer treatment now?

Year 2013: What is my action plan

Since April 2011 my normal day-to-day activities are planned and revolve around anemia and cancer care. Also my statistical remaining life expectancy is five-years or less as forecast by Oncologist in Year 2011 because cancer has moved from colon to liver.

However, I do not find that the cancer label on me is a large or major burden to my daily life; conversely with I had found the the ‘anemia’ condition was more life-threatening and with a greater risk of immediate death if condition not corrected. This may sound strange but what impacted my daily life activities was not cancer to begin with but the strength weakness caused by anemia. And, since I had so many anti-bodies present within my blood; as a result, the most simple solution

My Morning Meal

One meal required each day at a minimum

This page originally posted 28 June 2011. Revised with added content 18 March 2013.

During April 2011 I discovered I had following health issues:

  • Coombs positive hemolytic anemia; and
  • Adenocarcinoma colon, hepatic flexure.

After my colon surgery: still my anemia condition was not improving with prescribed medications; as a result, I began a diet change (as described Infra.) which did seem to improve my blood tested results and anemia condition.

The beneficial anemia daily improvement meal was this:

The meal consists only these listed items

  • The Two hard boiled eggs w/salt substitute (potassium) on eggs;
  • One tbs peanut butter;
  • One whole banana; and
  • One tbs Molasses (15% iron ingredient).

I Also, do not drink any tea, coffee, or milk products before, during, or right after this morning meal. I would suggest at least one- to two-hours before or after meal till drinking anything other that water.