Tacoma Hazards: Required ISO Quality Standards

Hazardous Process: Methanol: Requires Quality Process in Tacoma What is ISO 9000 Quality? Quality and hazards containment is a requirement to keep our Tacoma Community and people safe as possible from potential hazards; it follows international standards apply here at home to: Natural gas (methane gas); LNG Facility; and Methanol Facility. Quality process for plant […]

Cove Point: LNG: Just Information

Tacoma and other communities have LNG as a common concern Our Tacoma LNG facility already has received Tacoma SEPA FEIS status and do we even understand what the means to Tacoma environmental health? And how do we know? Stop Cove Point: Another Community: No Fracked Gas Exports Just a interesting article: Chesapeake Climate Action Network, […]

Reading: Thinking: Writing: Why I Know?

Microsoft Word 2016 Great Application I must say Microsoft Office.com applications have come a long way and are now quite capable to do things just a fast as one can think without loss of thought focus caused by the word processing package use problems created for users of early versions. Good work Microsoft Corporation. I […]

Public Interest: What is the Public Interest?

Natural gas facilities and public apprehension I see a number of the U.S. natural gas related projects progressing—presented, community involvement, permitting, engineering, construction, and process operation—but, as for public input, I fail to see or recognize where public input is considered—enabling or stopping these projects. It’s a no-win game for public comments Since, it is […]

Who says, the Community counts? Community listens The Tacoma three proposed industries: Natural gas distribution pipe system; LNG Facility; and Methanol Facility. Community speaks Tacoma and surrounding Communities speak for- and against-arguments that relate to Tacoma proposed natural gas industries to be operated within Port of Tacoma Washington. Who listens to Community speak? The issue, […]

Tacoma Water: Methanol: Consumption

The methanol facility use Specifically, presented, “7.1 Water Supply The methanol plant will require significant quantities of water to function. Estimated usage amounts identify the facility as requiring about 10.4 million gallons of water per day (enough to supply 26,000 homes, assuming average use of 400 gallons per day). . . .” See, Methanol EIS […]

Source Emissions, These Have Been Considered

  In Tacoma we have roads. Road create mobile source emissions. Then we have stationary source emissions. Stationary sources create emissions. Like wood fired boilers, home wood burning fireplaces, gas heating systems, gas powered generator sets, and natural gas burning stuff that strikes metal surfaces—all stationary sources that just don’t move around. Now comes the […]