Motorcycle: Stop it Upright: Every Time

A controlled stop always

Remember, some simple rider riding process steps; as a result, just helps keep the bike upright while stopping:

  1. Look straight ahead while applying brakes towards desired stop point ahead;
  2. Keep the front wheel pointed straight ahead as brake(s) applied;
  3. If necessary, use your eyes wide-view peripheral vision ability to detect side hazards present, while still looking straight ahead; then
  4. Keep your head, eyes, and nose pointed straight ahead towards stop until completely stopped with foot or feet down for bike stopped balance; then
  5. It’s all right to look around (move your head around and point your nose some other direction) after bike stopped and feet holding bike balanced upright.

Balance it where the head and nose is pointed

So, point your nose and the bike will like to follow the direction your nose is pointed, but that is not good when stopping the bike because turning the front wheel towards a side just might cause the bike to roll-over towards that side. Take-no-chances: eyes-ahead, stopped, then look around.


Published: 2/4/2016 7:29:43 AM

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