Air quality and natural gas

What happens to Tacoma City Air Emissions Inventory

An air emissions inventory is an accounting of the amount of air pollution emitted by various sources. Every year, Ecology and the local clean air agencies inventory facilities with air operating permits. This is called a point source inventory. Every three years, Ecology inventories many additional sources such as motor vehicles, wood stoves, outdoor burning, agriculture, and natural sources. Several inventory summaries are available below. (see,

New sources could be natural gas processing, conversion, or burning activities done at the worlds biggest planned conversion plant. Therefore there must be some air emissions inventory added caused by these natural gas industrial or commercial processes.

Still waiting Tacoma City hazard analysis documents

Not available for public community viewing yet are all the community right-to-know documents related to potential hazards caused from planned natural gas Port of Tacoma plant(s) operations—community and workplace and air inventory chemicals increased.

See generally, J.Sherman, Natural gas process considering community and workplace, (pdf document) (Jan. 8, 2016)


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