Cove Point: LNG: Just Information

Tacoma and other communities have LNG as a common concern Our Tacoma LNG facility already has received Tacoma SEPA FEIS status and do we even understand what the means to Tacoma environmental health? And how do we know? Stop Cove Point: Another Community: No Fracked Gas Exports Just a interesting article: Chesapeake Climate Action Network, […]

Tacoma: LNG: Methanol: Sour-Gas Supply

To: mailto: Sunday, February 7, 2016 EIS Scoping Comments: Tacoma Manufacturing and Marine Export Facility (TMMEF): “Proposed Methanol Plant”: SEPA Lead Agency: City of Tacoma (File No. SEPA2015-40000260025). My comment applies to SEPA and this Environmental impact statement (“EIS”) related to the natural gas supply feeding the Methanol Facility. Given, we are able to […]

What I don’t know about natural gas?

Natural Gas is proposed to feed industry in Tacoma Washington Therefore, It’s time I start learning, it’s an education thing for older people, about natural gas (methane gas) and its good- and not-so-good-benefits. My research, I discovered there exists sweet- and sour-natural gas So, which type of natural gas is intended to supply the Tacoma […]