Methane process facts missing

Logical decisions need facts first We have some methane gas processing industries proposed for Tacoma Washington, Port of Tacoma, area. This industry is moving ahead with permits and construction planning, but still missing is stakeholders (community people’s) fact information published prior to requesting stakeholder’s comments about these projects. Tacoma stakeholders (the citizens) need more factual […]

Tacoma we forget Bhopal

Bhopal, we disremember multinationals community interests Patel, N. A.,  Gandhi’s Prophecy: Corporate Violence and A Mindful Law for Bhopal, (2015) online at (visited Jan. 14, 2016). I agree, Tacoma natural gas industrial plant(s) are a fitting remembrance: what can go wrong when it goes wrong: absent community right-to-know and hazards present planning and stakeholders […]

LNG Planning, Community not informed

The LNG planning just missing community people’s notice! I think this: When a hazard is considered to introduction into Washington State by anybody; it follows, inform the people first—all affected and effected communities people with written notice—who is doing just what for benefit back to which specific people. It’s these hazards and risks to the […]

Economics and LNG plants good, say some

Some say LNG plant is good Supporting the Tacoma Port of Tacoma proposed new community Liquid Natural Gas ("LNG") project is the Chamber of Commerce, Fife Milton Edgewood. 1 Maybe the Chamber of Commerce knows what the community does not—hazards presented to my community lets review what Chamber of Commerce presented 1 for public support […]

LNG Permits: No interest in community interests

How does a typical LNG export permit work? Let’s take a look at a typical example; for example, Order conditionally granting long-term, multi-contract authorizations to export liquefied natural gas by vessel from the proposed Alaska LNG terminal in Niskiski, Alaska, to non-free Trade Agreement Nations, (collectively, “LNG permit”)1 LNG permit process sounds good for the […]

Community Right To Know Lacking

What we don’t know right now What hazard is presented me and other people population by Liquid Natural Gas (“LNG”)2,5,6 facility located within Tacoma City (Municipal Corporation Port of Tacoma) Washington? We have the right to know what hazard is added into our community and presented risks As SARA Title III Community Right-to-know Act3 intent: […]