Facebook is Not Supporting Knowledge

What are the “Community Standards on Spam”? Anybody know?

Seems like all my current Facebooks posts are related to doctors reports about success of IVM drug and why our health care medical providers test people for COVID-19—once positive test results do nothing for the person till they get vaccinated, arrive in hospital, or just die—/that’s the apparent treatment plan: do nothing.


One thought on “Facebook is Not Supporting Knowledge

  1. Yep, Facebook can’t consider it made a mistake with vaccine support when IVM Rx should have been given to every person that tests positive for Covid and the immediate people that surround the positive tested person because it reduces the virus load and discharge that can affect other persons. Also, if they stipulated to fact IVM Rx worked; as a result, the “experimental vaccine(s)” would not have received approvals for use; therefore, there’s a real effort to sweep under table IVM Rx—-even to extent people are allowed to die.

    That’s why Facebook and others vaccine supporters are cheering vaccination use and not permitting Rx treatments once a person is tested positive for COVID.

    See generally, https://youtu.be/r6um8TZO0rE
    In patients must seek legal remedy to force health care system to consider IVM Rx use. Health care system sucks 👎

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