Tacoma: Methanol: EIS: Enough Vessel Insurance?

To: Tacoma.methanol.sepa@cityoftacoma.org

Sunday, February 7, 2016

EIS Scoping Comments: Tacoma Manufacturing and Marine Export Facility (TMMEF): “Proposed Methanol Plant”: SEPA Lead Agency: City of Tacoma (File No. SEPA2015-40000260025).

My comment applies to SEPA and this Environmental impact statement (“EIS”) because a new industry is also spawned or created within my Tacoma Community and it is necessary to include shippers of “methanol” product by water. It follows, environment (Black’s Law Dictionary 534 6th ed. 1996) “The totality of physical, economic, cultural, aesthetic, and social circumstances and factors which surround and affect the desirability and value of property and which also affect the quality of peoples’ lives. The surrounding conditions, influences or forces which influence of modify. . . .”

Therefore, we must consider the marine shipping vessels that will be transporting Methanol as a fuel or cargo shipment. For example, one article describes the limitation of liability for shippers See generally, Liability for disasters ca used by LNG tankers delivering liquefied natural gas to American coastal communities is severely limited by the current law of the Unit ed States PR Web, http://timrileylaw.com/LNG%20Vessel%20Liability%20is%20Limited%20by%201851%20U.S.%20Law.pdf (last visited Feb 7, 2016) ; as a result, Methanol Facility spawns the shipping of methanol marine shipping industry; therefore, since marine vessels will be transporting methanol within the confined Puget Sound Waters and Commencement Bay Waters; it follows, as vessel navigates, so does the liability responsibility for damages created to all surrounding land(s).

My comment: two parts: 1) Extend the Tacoma Methanol Facility SEPA EIS to cover industry created or spawned by Methanol Facility; and 2) Does the shippers, vessels, transporting methanol within our Puget Sound Water(s) have sufficient liability insurance coverage (insurance or bond placed with State of Washington and Tacoma Community) to compensate everyone—persons, real property, lives, and lost income or future earning potential. This must be added to Tacoma Methanol Facility EIS as an environmental issue that impact Tacoma Community as a result or consequence of Methanol Facility creating Methanol for transport by water, truck, or other conveyance.

Remark, We as Tacoma Community real property owners are required to have insurance for our homes, cars, and vehicles; as a result, providing necessary compensation to other persons who we have the potential to damage in future; therefore, so should all other industries operating within Tacoma Pierce County Washington State that carry hazards and should be responsible completely for results of accidents.


John Sherman

4601 N 26th St

Tacoma, WA 98407-4605

Email: jmjsherman@gmail.com



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