U.S. Wealth Gap, A Solution

Within U.S. there exists wealth gap

The issue: how do we, as a U.S. Society, solve or reduce this wealth gap condition?

See, John Sherman, It’s Called “The Wealth Gap” It Exists: Just Why?, (pdf file: t20160120a) (Jan. 20, 2016) online at https://johnesherman.files.wordpress.com/2016/01/t20160120a.pdf (visited Jan. 20, 2016).

Intellectual property seems exempt from gap discussions, why?

Hence, the U.S. Policies should consider the wealth gap compared to U.S. Society values and the intellectual property (“IP”) rights. Is it good to gift people money under IP right while wealth gaps might just be getting larger?

Balanced against, IP rule rights. e.g.,

  • Patent rights;
  • Intellectual Property rights; and
  • Protectionism rights (U.S. and International).

Let’s start the review discussion

Whether, IP rights trump the U.S. Society wealth gap conditions we are aware of today, and most-likely with become larger tomorrow as money is extracted from wage earning U.S. Citizens to pay for the IP’s right to money absent work.


Published: Jan. 20, 2016: 12:10 PST

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