Tacoma, can we drink the methanol effluent water?

A simple question deserves a simple answer

Proposed is a lot of cubic feet per seconds of potable water feeding the methane to methanol conversion process to make the process work. So, what is wrong with the water that is expelled (effluent water) from this conversion process after it does its processing conversion job?

Is the effluent water drinkable by Tacoma community stakeholders/

If not, why not?

A missing fact question presented

Why would we want any, our community, community industrial process to dump its effluent waste into our community—land, water, or air—as it exports its value added products to another country or U.S. community, but deposits its waste here in our Tacoma community for us to deal with every day and maybe tomorrows—after this process is closed and gone from our community?

Even if we don’t know yet, today, what these waste byproducts are, will be, or how much quantity expelled from this methane to methanol conversion industrial process into our community surround.

Facts still un-explained, my community right-to-know


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