LNG Planning, Community not informed

The LNG planning just missing community people’s notice!

I think this: When a hazard is considered to introduction into Washington State by anybody; it follows, inform the people first—all affected and effected communities people with written notice—who is doing just what for benefit back to which specific people. It’s these hazards and risks to the community people (lives, property, safety) and all people have the right-to-know before a hazard is introduced into their community!

Just another example of no Community Right-to-Know Act public presentation.1

We have three risk issues related to our Tacoma community and risk disclosure missing are: (1) Natural Gas ("NG") distribution systems; 1 (2) Liquid Natural Gas ("LNG"); and (3) Natural Gas-to-Methanol ("NGM") production plant. 2 All these NG related industries considered for operation within our community should have a completed and community published hazards risk analysis study and these documents should be presented to Tacoma City community (people) before any public hearings are calendared!

What’s these three physical separations?

Now I understand we have three potential hazards considered to be constructed and operated within Tacoma Port of Tacoma; therefore, there must be some dependent and positional risks shared between these three NG, NGM, and LNG facilities? But I find no community risk analysis reports to say: No risk from- or-between these three gas related locations?

Works cited

(1) Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Oregon LNG and Washington Expansion Projects, (Draft: Environmental Impact Statement Environmental Impact Statement, vol. 1) (FERC/DEIS-0261D DOE Docket No. FE 12-48-LNG) (Aug. 2015) online at http://energy.gov/sites/prod/files/2015/08/f25/EIS-0492-DEIS-2015.pdf (visited Jan. 3, 2016).

(2) GAS TO METHANOL FACILITY AT THE PORT OF TACOMA, (NW Innovations Works)(2015 1102 NWIW FactSheet Tacoma.pdf) (2015), online at https://nwiw.blob.core.windows.net/media/Default/PortofTacoma/2015_1102_NWIW_FactSheet_Tacoma.pdf or http://bit.ly/1mYL19j (visited Jan. 3, 2016).


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