Biggest in the world: methanol facility

More Tacoma City methanol facilities arguments

I have two thoughts: (1) First; a source of water exists already for a new methanol plant; and (2) Being the biggest might-just present the biggest community hazard potential? Absent any community hazards analysis reports created and published for community to read first.

Proposed methanol plant for Port of Tacoma, Tacoma City area needs 7,200-gallons of water each minute; accordingly, Tacoma City Municipal Public Utility: Environmental Services: Wastewater Treatment Plant just happens to discharge many gallons per minute of effluent (treated water) water before dumping this water into Puget Sound Waters: Commencement Bay and travels within pipe across Port of Tacoma property already towards new methanol facilities sites. Therefore if the Wastewater effluent is good enough to be discharged into Puget Sound it’s good enough to use by any proposed methanol plant water requirement also.

Presented, within article,1 "[W]ould be the largest methanol manufacturing facility in the world. . . ."; therefore, this would present the largest potential community risk if something went wrong . . . but we still don’t have a community risk assessment hazards reports (land, water, and community surrounding) for the methanol facilities proposed for construction and operation and spills? See generally, John Sherman, “Community right to know lacking”, John Sherman’s Blog (John E Sherman’s Blog Dec. 25, 2015), or ( )


(1) Matt Driscoll, Matt Driscoll: The time for a methanol debate in Tacoma is now, (The News Tribune, Tacoma Wash.) (Dec. 28, 2015), or ( )


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