Intellectual Property absent annual fees

Intellectual property should pay every year

It’s good to pay each year for the benefit you might receive if you ever decide to drive your vehicle; it follows, so should holding license to things one might access to receive a present or possible future benefit also annual licensed with fees and reporting.

As a condition of public benefit, like the annual vehicle registration (public roads) fee license renewal is required; so should annual intellectual property (“IP”)1 (public commerce) license renewal fee; as a result, required to maintain that person’s right to use, each year, that original registered IP also as a public commerce right; else it expires absent annual renewal fees paid to State(s) and Federal Government.

Let’s compare again

A car is a item of real property that has some value while licensed each year; therefore the IP that people own also has some value and should not be exempt from annual license renewal filing with fees paid.

Works cited

(1) Wikipedia Intellectual property (Wikimedia Foundation 2015),



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