Motorcycle rider’s fine engine speed control required

Two-wheel vehicle driver operation (the rider) and twisting-the-wrist speed control is a most important riding control ability while riding along; as a result, just to keep the front tire under the upper part of the bike frame–necessary to prevent the bike continuing its falling-over and resting on the ground–the rider must have the front tire pointed towards the direction of the leaning bike, while moving ahead, and with enough speed added with wrist-twist speed control to track the front tire under the leaning bike quickly enough to lift, or just maintain the desired bike lean angle, and to pick the bike up out of its leaning or falling-over direction.

Therefore, the bike rider is controlling the bike from falling over more, towards the leaned over side, because front tire tracking under the leaning bike at a speed quicker than the falling-over frame falling down speed–front tire moving more quickly under the bike and with a rider controlled forward speed–so front tire tracking is returning-to-upright that is counteracting the bike leaning or falling over direction and falling over speed.

To make all this lean control happen the rider must control the bike forward speed (twist-of-the-wrist) as it is leaned and pushed (rear tire and engine power) along in the direction of the front tire pointed underneath the upper part of bike frame.

And just some other things rider must always consider:

  • The speed of the upper part of bike leaning or falling over increases as the lean is increased;
  • overdoing the speed and time of tracking front wheel out of a lean can be overdone–for example, cause the bike to stand up and start to fall in the opposite direction as the front wheel is driven out from underside of upper part of bike frame. Be cautious. Be in control always;
  • bike front tire suspension is usually designed such that at stopped for real-slow speed as bars are turned to stops the bike would like to fall over the front tire towards the tire pointed direction;
  • for a bike to turn it must lean in the direction of the turn;
  • on-throttle or off-throttle (twisting-the-wrist) similar to increasing forward tracking speed or adding rear brake by engine braking; and
  • counter-steering is just a method to get the bike leaned first for turn.


3 thoughts on “Motorcycle rider’s fine engine speed control required

  1. John Sherman, my name is Matt and I believe I recently purchased a 2014 Kymco MyRoad 700i that I believe you previously owned. I was hoping that you might contact me and tell me about what Garmin fits the mount on the Kymco and what all the wires connected to it go to. My email is.

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