Just rethinking the rear wheel sideways bike slide

The bike rear tire sliding sideways as bike not moving forward from stop. Just rear tire slipping sideways because of lost tire traction.

My learning and thinking is now this, related to sliding sideways rear tire while attempting to move forward.

I now have three methods to leave this grass curb parking location under rider control:

  • Push the bike forward so rear tire off the grass for good road traction with street tires;
  • Lock on the front brake, point the bike bars straight ahead, and let the rear tire burn down to tractable road grip surface for going forward; and
  • Maintain the bars so front tire is aligned with center line of rear tire, let the bike rears move to the right or left, but at all times keep that front tire aligned with rear tire center line; as a result, when rear tire gets road traction the front tire will let the bike move the direction front tire is pointed and not drive or push the upper bike frame over towards the side direction that front tire is pointed.

Wet grass and starting forward from stop just don’t mix well for keeping the ‘rubber-side-down’.

Best suggestion I received: “Don’t ride it out.” Get some tractable surface for that rear wheel to grip.


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