How do we report street potholes in Tacoma Washington, the process is this

Letter to the Editor: That’s me

Tacoma Streets and Tacoma Citizens Responsibilities

For the condition of our Tacoma streets we see, we share some responsibility for the streets as we see them today. The pothole plan as described within Dunkelberger, S., Mayor’s ‘State of the City’ outlines plan to help street repairs, Tacoma Weekly, Feb. 25, 2015, Retrieved from Tacoma Weekly article Mayor’s ‘State of the City’ outlines plan to help street repairs.

However, missing from this article is just what the Tacoma Citizens have had to do for any streets repairs to have been accomplished.

Citizens of Tacoma are overseeing maintenance of their own streets now-nobody else looks for street problems and City of Tacoma does not do it for you-and our Citizens may be unaware of their personal responsibility towards this maintenance of all City of Tacoma streets and roads? Right now; for example, if you see a street needing repair or a pothole needs repair; therefore the street problem must be reported-reported first-to City of Tacoma before any attempt by City of Tacoma to schedule specific repairs to just the specific identified street problem. Be specific because one report only covers the real-near street problem reported and excludes all other street problems nearby but not reported.

Report your observed street problems to City of Tacoma:


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