Let’s not let the two-wheel vehicle rest (fall over)

Just my quick review thoughts: How not to let the two-wheel vehicle fall over while slowly riding.

An important concept to always remember, the front wheel must always be under the upper part of bike to counter the upper part of bike lean; therefore, riding slowly along I must do this to maintain bike balanced upright—for example, the reminder list is this:

  1. Always be in a power band gear that engine can easily accelerate if required.
  2. Slip-the-clutch (motorcycle) and add some rear-brake speed control for slow speed control.
  3. The bike may want to fall over towards the direction the front wheel is point; consequently, add some speed—slight release of rear brake drag or add just a touch of twist-of-the-wrist speed—that will force the rear wheel of bike to drive the front tire forward in the tire pointed direction and back underneath of upper park of bike to stop the bike from falling over that direction.
  4. Limit, or control the speed, because over driving the front tire in its pointed direction; as a result, will cause the upper part of bike to fall over the other direction. Don’t overdo the twist-of-the-wrist or precise control of rear brake application drag when riding slow.


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