Cancer: Exercise: Overcome Limitations

Physical, Mental, health, and Strength Limitations with Cancer

With many cancers the cancer patient has many obstacles to overcome to maintain a active life-style like they once had. For example:

  • Cancer effects itself;
  • pain or pain from surgery recovery;
  • effects of cancer medications;
  • after effects of surgery; and
  • just to overcome the mental burden from cancer and not give up.

For me, I found that my ability for outside exercise became limited because I had to plan my walking routes to nearest restroom facility; it follows, to speed things up and still maintain my enjoyment with the outdoor; it follows, I was allowed to get a scooter that did two things: first, allowed me to travel outdoors faster than walking speed; and, second, a new activity to learn and practice during cancer.

Also, because of what it took me to learn the correct operation and skills for control of two-wheel scooters; as a result, I started a Google Plus, Community Blog, Two-wheel scooter transportation; it follows, if for nothing else but a written reference for me to remind me where information is located that I should re-study for safe operation of scooter in urban traffic. Also, not required but for the additional challenge, took the Washington State Motorcycle Endorsement written and riding test and passed. All this while undergoing my cancer chemotherapy treatments every two weeks and a couple of days more packing around a portable battery operated infusion pump.

Therefore, I think this: Cancer is a problem for you if you let cancer become a problem for you. Each day you have to attempt to do more and if possible something new that will hold your interest and efforts. I do understand in later stages of palliative cancer care physical effort is difficult to impossible . . . but till that time keep the effort up each day.

Scooter parked at store
Traveling about town on the scooter.

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