The Intresting Journey with Anemia and Cancer

The Beginning

As, most likely, many cancer patients have said before and will continue to say tomorrow; it follows, cancer does change ones’ life activities and priorities.

I have been under Oncology Center Doctors care through my entire anemia into cancer discover and care experiences. With the same Oncologist doctor has its advantages that both the doctor and I have traveled this health care road together.

Just a brief outline health history review for me

  1. Year 2011 discover I had anemia;
  2. Year 2011 discover I had colon cancer;
  3. Year 2011 surgery removed colon cancer;
  4. Late Year 2011 discovered cancer has moved to liver;
  5. Year 2012 surgery for removal of cancer from liver;
  6. Year 2012 surgical implant of power port (for infusion use);
  7. Year 2012 chemotherapy treatments with in-chair and portable home infusion pump every other week for twelve cycles;
  8. Year 2012 MRI testing showed that liver cancer had returned or that chemotherapy treatments did not stop the liver cancer; and
  9. Year 2013 What is my palliative cancer treatment now?

Year 2013: What is my action plan

Since April 2011 my normal day-to-day activities are planned and revolve around anemia and cancer care. Also my statistical remaining life expectancy is five-years or less as forecast by Oncologist in Year 2011 because cancer has moved from colon to liver.

However, I do not find that the cancer label on me is a large or major burden to my daily life; conversely with I had found the the ‘anemia’ condition was more life-threatening and with a greater risk of immediate death if condition not corrected. This may sound strange but what impacted my daily life activities was not cancer to begin with but the strength weakness caused by anemia. And, since I had so many anti-bodies present within my blood; as a result, the most simple solution

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