My Morning Meal

One meal required each day at a minimum

This page originally posted 28 June 2011. Revised with added content 18 March 2013.

During April 2011 I discovered I had following health issues:

  • Coombs positive hemolytic anemia; and
  • Adenocarcinoma colon, hepatic flexure.

After my colon surgery: still my anemia condition was not improving with prescribed medications; as a result, I began a diet change (as described Infra.) which did seem to improve my blood tested results and anemia condition.

The beneficial anemia daily improvement meal was this:

The meal consists only these listed items

  • The Two hard boiled eggs w/salt substitute (potassium) on eggs;
  • One tbs peanut butter;
  • One whole banana; and
  • One tbs Molasses (15% iron ingredient).

I Also, do not drink any tea, coffee, or milk products before, during, or right after this morning meal. I would suggest at least one- to two-hours before or after meal till drinking anything other that water.

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